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Medical Mask ce to the city, so I hope that you can use something you need, They are changing back Chapter 542, Fenghuo Xuanjin The two things that are so alone and indifferent are naturally the sacred mirrors that Ye Han has taken from the hands of the Solitary Clouds, and the feather reel that day.To be honest, these two four piece treasures are very powerful, but the Solitary Clouds simply cannot play their role.But Ye Han can. For example, the mysterious mirror, this the Battle of the Devils Mountain is very important, so Ye Han does not want to return to the other side.However, he also saw that these two treasures are Medical Mask really important for the independence of the solitary.If this is Medical Mask the fault, the city owner will desperately desperately fight him.In addition, one thing is that Ye Han Medical Mask found that these two treasures have a special Medical Mask place.That is impossible to fully recognize the Lord. Medical Mask I don t know what secret technique the other Medical Mask party used.Even if he feels that he has finished refining, he has only the right to use it, and he can

t let it be completely owned.This Medical Mask also made him have to consider that Medical Mask the real masters of these two treasures, I am fashionable dust mask Medical Mask afraid, are not alone, but others have borrowed from them.Now in my own hands, I might be able to extort things from my own arrogance.If I really want to buckle, I will try my best to take out their true master and take it Medical Mask back.The loss can be big. Therefore, when n95 respirator vs n95 mask I saw that I was alone, Ye Han knew that full face snorkel mask where to buy near 49417 the other party would ask about these two items of treasures and thought about how to deal with them.In Medical Mask the face of the solitary questioning, Ye Han said with a direct smile It is not Medical Mask impossible to give you back.I think the city coronavirus relief loans owner should also give me a Medical Mask suitable price, right Solitary and fearless, this young best allergy mask boy will directly reject him.After all, he. does not want to meet Ye Han.Ye Han s reply now sighed him, and then he said very richly What are your conditions, even if you mention it After all, in addition to being the place where countless killers gather, the city of Mist is Medical Mask also the most powerful black ma

Medical Mask

rket in the entire East Pole, and the resources under its control can be compared with the battle hall.Listen to him saying that Ye Han will not be polite with him.I think Medical Mask before you come, you should have Medical Mask heard that I am missing two pieces of four products.Ye Han said directly, I was originally prepared to collect some materials myself, but since the owners of the city are Come, why should I trouble myself to refine it It is better to send me two pieces directly than the urban master.The expression on Medical Mask the face of the solitary face is slightly stiff.Ye Han did not wait for the independence and independence, a very serious look, looked at him and said The master of the city, my requirements are not high, come to a wind, fire double attribute of the sword, and a piece of water The sword of Lei double property can be used.When I heard him, the face of the solitary has changed.Su Dingyun, who had been heading Medical Mask down next to him, suddenly Medical Mask raised his head and said to Ye Han angrily It is impossible for Ye Han, you are the big opening o

f the lion, you are the robbery of the red fruit.Fo. ur attributes attribute the blade and still two pieces The value of this item is much higher than the price of ten ordinary four item attributes.In general, when the blade is refining, comic face masks the Medical Mask attributes tend to be a single attribute.If multiple attributes are Medical Mask required, the first condition is that the main material used by itself is very special.Special hyperaligentic dust mask materials Medical Mask are rare, high value, and refining respirator mask co2 is also troublesome.You can only refine one of the attributes first, but not the other.After the refining and shaping, the demon of the other attribute is integrated into the blade to stimulate the second attribute.This directly causes that the value Medical Mask of a how to make a clay mask of someones face double property blade is much higher than that of several single property weapons.This is actually one of the reasons why under eye mask walmart most people don t cultivate dual attributes the speed of cultivation is too slow, and the weapons are too rare to be able to afford.And now listening to Ye Han s meaning, he actually Medical Mask chose Medical Mask four attributes to cultiv