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Mask nd master is polite.Fang Shijie also arched his Mask hand, but his look Mask was cold and apparently had no interest in the family of a small family in this small town.Xiao Jie was busy and the Mask other side Shi Jie explained that Feng Ming hoped to ask him to take care of the long distance wish, and Feng Ming looked at Fang Shijie.Fang Shijie glanced at him and finally nodded and agreed.Although Fang Shijie did not put F. eng Ming or Feng Jia in his eyes, however, at this point in the trip, certain things Mask still need to be used to each other, and he does not mind Zai Ming Ming.Feng Ming was very excited, and even said The banquet Mask has been prepared for Mr.Fang to take the wind and wash the dust. Please move Mr.Fang to the wind home and let the wind do the friendship of the landlord.Fang Shijie will naturally not object. However, at this time, a voice suddenly came into the ears of everyone.Haha, Fang Shidi, I don t think I will meet you here.When the people looked back, they discovered that a group of young m

en and women who Mask appeared only a short distance ago was the what cities ban face masks one who was a purple shirt among the group.Jiang Hong Fang Shijie swept a hint of hidden light, and looked deeply at the purple shirt youth.I didn t expect you to be in this city. This sudden emergence of a group of people, naturally during the day to watch Ye Han in the square, they fight Jiang Hong and his party.Jiang Hong took the Mask Mask brothers and brothers and strode to the way of Jie Jie and others.Looking at Fang Shijie, he smiled It is indeed a coincidence.I happened to take a few teachers and sisters to experience and pass by.It turns out Mask that. Fang Shijie nodded, but he did not believe at all.Of course, he did not show anyth. ing, but what are the leather face masks he also enthusiastically invited This is the owner of the wind home, is preparing to entertain us to live in Mask his what respirator is recommended for kilauea eruption home, since it Mask is so coincidental that Jiang brothers have also arrived in this city, sar respirator protection Oh.That s not necessary, we have found 3m 6800 full face mask filters a place to live.His voice just Mask fell, and suddenly a group of peop


le came out in the distance, and quickly walked over here.Feng Ming and others looked at it, but it was actually a white house.His face could not help but change. The scorpion also quickly flashed a sense of uncertainty.Jiang Hong did not give him the opportunity Mask to ask more questions.He waved directly to Mask them and said You, then we will go to rest first, see you later.After the words were finished, they took a group of younger brothers and sisters to the white house, and soon left Mask with the white family.After they left, Feng Ming Mask couldn t help but ask the man named Xiao Mr.Xiao, the few are the ones. It is a disciple of our Qingyun School of Military Academy, Xiao Jie said.This Feng Ming suddenly became nervous. White House suddenly asked them to come over, it is difficult.Xiao Jie said You can rest assured that everything is good for you.Feng Ming glanced at Fang Shijie. Fang Shijie just looked at the direction in which Jiang Hong and others Mask left, Mask saying With me, can hinder us. Feng Ming

sighed and invited them to the wind home.Therefore, the group Mask was quickly invited back to the wind home.Among the bamboo forests, Ye Han Mask didn t know that there were so many things happening outside.I don t know, there are already many enemies who have followed him to this tourmaline city, but I don t know that there are some other people who are strong against face shield walmart 3m 7800 gas mask filter him.s concern. He has been carrying the seal of water Mask and has been practicing for a night.The next morning, when the first morning glow fell on him through the window, he african mask long face why slowly opened his eyes.Just a move There is a crisp sound between the joints of the body.brush Ye Han jumped up from the bamboo bed, and the whole body suddenly released, and he had already Mask reached the seventh stage of the samurai.Overnight, without using any treasures, Ye Han broke Mask through the first order small realm and grew a thousand face mask singapore n95 how to customize a respirator pounds.This has to be said to be a Mask miracle. You know, the average number of months of work is not necessarily able to do this.In fact, i