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Lma Airway of their fight with Ye Han Ye Han was too lazy to look at them and turned directly back to Lin Yaner.At this time, suddenly Another group of Lma Airway Lma Airway people came from the first layer of the pagoda.It was the Jiang Hong and others who had been left behind to excavate treasures.As soon as they came here, they felt the strange Lma Airway Lma Airway atmosphere of the scene at the first time.However, Jiang Hong did not pay attention to this, but immediately found the place where his father Jiang Yuntao and others were located, and then quickly shouted Father, we just discovered that the entrance to the site has Lma Airway been completely closed, and now it has not been able to go out.Upon hearing this, many people on the scene. changed their faces, especially in the camp where there was no artisans.The pagoda is closed and cannot be withdrawn, which means that they are now almost trapped here.Maybe after all the way through the nine story space, they can go out, and it is still possible Lma Airway to go out after that.This Lma Airway is the trial site of the ancient martial art to the disciples under the door.Who knows whether the exit i

s in the tower or whether it has to be opened from the outside I really want to be trapped here.There may Lma Airway be only a handful of people who have special Lma Airway abilities or treasures.They can rely on them to get out Lma Airway of respirator when welding trouble, and more people are trapped here.Of course, everyone did not forget that Ye Hanfang had just arranged a transmission array to send Ye Dan out.They thought of it, maybe the transmission array can be used.After looking at Lma Airway Ye Han s Lma Airway eyes, Ye Hao immediately said to his own team Wei Lao, you will try to arrange a transmission respirator mask sharp anime girl array to see The physicist immediately acted, and he was actually prepared, and the n95 mask check sheet materials were complete, and the transmission array was soon completed.However, at the Lma Airway moment when Wei Lao started the transmission array, his face suddenly changed, and then he sighed helplessly, saying Unable to transmit Hearing this, the hearts of everyone in Lma Airway the room suddenly became a shock.Unable to transfer These four words rs mask of dust m. ean that the transmission array cannot be used.Doesn t it mean that n95 respirator styles if the ninth floor of the pagoda has no exit, most of them

Lma Airway

will be trapped here.Immediately, everyone remembered that Ye Han was the Lma Airway bloody transmission array.Although I don t understand why his transmission array can be transmitted, this Lma Airway Wei old arrangement will not work.However, they know that in the end, if they can t find other exports, they may only rely on Ye Han to take everyone out of here.Thinking of this, everyone s eyes on Ye Han changed again.I can t easily offend him easily. This is the common voice of most people present.It can now be said that most people are afraid of this magical, or enchanting, thirteen emperor.Ye Han himself seems to be nothing. After kicking Lma Airway Ye Dan out of the pagoda, he actually began to search for this layer with the people who followed him.Niu Shan and other people in the battle hall seem to be trapped here, and Mo Yu himself took the person to explore this layer in other directions.The Yunyun Mountain Villa, Lanyue Valley, and those idle warriors also acted quickly.However, they went straight to Ye Han, apparently trying to Lma Airway find Ye Han Lma Airway s set of close, close and close, and convenient to go

back here.Ye Dan left the Qingyun faction, but at the moment he did not know where to go.Just then, there was another bad news coming. The.soul of the seventy seventh princes, the soul of the crystal, the soul of the crystal Ye Lan, the two warlords brought by the sergeant s face, white, can u do face masks when on clindamycin suddenly yelled in panic.The external Lma Airway Lma Airway door of the Qingyun School, Jiang Yuntao, changed his face and suddenly rushed up.He Lma Airway directly grabbed his clothes and said, What do you say about the soul of the Seven Emperors His drink attracted the attention of the people who had just dispersed themselves.Immediately, everyone heard the Lma Airway sorcerer s mouth in the mouth saying The broken soul of the seven royal how to make face masks that emperors is broken.what For a time, countless people were on the scene.The Lma Airway soul crystal respirator for gasoline fumes is a special crystal symbol used to record the soul.You can use the crystal characters to understand the life and death of the soul.Some people Lma Airway in the red panda feline enteric coronavirus place know that the broken crystal of the soul symbol represents that the owner of the crystal incubation period coronavirus has fallen.In other words, now Ye Dan s soul crystal is broken